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Exceptional Service and Flexible Management System is our main target. We offer numerous facilities to bring a high degree of process excellency and standarization. The software enhances the internal workflow and make the patients experience a new technology.

Medical Suite

Hospital Management System

The best hospital management system is now within your reach through DotCare Software. This system offers all the traits needed in a healthcare business. It generates such an organized network among the staff besides achieving high performance and productivity outcomes.

The solutions that Dot Care offer are efficient whether they are separated or all-inclusive. Because all they seek for is the process excellency through organizing the clinical and hospital workflows. Having tightly integrated modules, Dot Care leverage the medical organization management to professional and standardized level for healthcare delivering, costs reduction, and customer satisfaction.

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Decision Making Suite

Executive Management System

One of our most advantageous solutions that can enhance the process excellence. Analytics Suite is designed to help data users of all levels get efficient access to any data effortlessly in no time in order to make the right decision on the right time based on the right data. Thus, enhance the internal workflow, save a lot of time, and most important make the patients experience new technology.

Using the data and analytics is no longer an option in healthcare industry but it’s a crucial must. Therefore each and every hospital, outpatient clinic, or laboratory center should embrace the analytics making it an essential part of their strategy as well as including it in any decision.

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Managing Patients Flow

Queue Management System

No one can deny the fact that long waiting time is hard yet it is much harder on a patient so managing this issue is a challenge that should be well-accomplished. Queue Management System is the method that guarantees any healthcare business to flourish, enhance its reputation as well as its profits.

To help you achieve this accomplishment, we provide you with this service that will certainly cut down on waiting room queues through our queue management system. It will monitor and manage the service process besides optimizing its efficiency. In addition to seamlessly transfer the patients among treatment sections.

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Radiology Suite

Medical PACS System

Hospitals have become more digitalized aiming for a paperless community to ease their process and workflow. Through our service, we will provide you with the latest technology in medical imaging. PACS which stands for picture archiving and communication system eases the process of storage and transmission of the imaging modalities such as the MRI, X-Rays, or CT.

Besides being an utterly secured method to transmit the patient’s information. All the digital systems are integrated into a functional unit determined by the radiologist's need in order to quickly access to all the required information and images regardless where they are stored.

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