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What is Dot Care ?

The best hospital management system is now within your reach through DotCare Software. This system offers all the traits needed in a healthcare business. It generates such an organized network among the staff besides achieving high performance and productivity outcomes.

The solutions that Dot Care offer are efficient whether they are separated or all-inclusive. Because all they seek for is the process excellency through organizing the clinical and hospital workflows. Having tightly integrated modules, Dot Care leverage the medical organization management to professional and standardized level for healthcare delivering, costs reduction, and customer satisfaction.

DotCare will be proficient in various modules starting from patients' registration, scheduling management, outpatient management, inpatient management, uptil billing, pharmacy, laboratory and radiology management, in addition to supply chain and inventory management. Generating the needed statistics to have a full understanding of the whole performance will be extremely simple.

Another essential feature that makes this system an efficient one is helping the users of all levels to access effortlessly their daily duties. It is completely understandable with no obstacles or confusion which makes it a user-friendly application. Being time and effort saver software, Dot Care makes it easier to shift from one module to another in no time easily for reaching the required information. Straightforward, organized, efficient, and comprehensive system that will perfectly manage your healthcare business.

Dot Care Features

Maximize Profitability

A well-organized system can manage a healthcare business to control the revenues and cost reduction.

Enhance Productivity

This advanced automatic system and smooth shifting across the sections will guarantee an ideal performance and goals achievements.

Customer Satisfaction

The main target for a healthcare business is the customer satisfaction and this comes through delivering the best care and service.

Flourish Brand Reputation

As long as there is a methodical system that serves both the patients and the staff, then you will gain an excellent reputation.

Overaching Analytics Capabilities

According to the well-registered various information, it will be much easier to form reports and show accurate statistics.

Cost Reduction

Our software is also concerned about the back office duties so it manages the financial requirements as well as the supply chain.

Process Excellence

As a medical establishment, the most essential goal is to create an efficient functional system that can fulfill the workflow requirements effortlessly.

Dot Care Modules