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About AHBS
Healthcare Business Solutions

Our major purpose is to serve the needs and requirements of healthcare industry. We work with our clients to improve their overall profitability and performance aiming to improve the operational process through end-to-end technology services, and solution implementations.

Through our system, we guarantee the achievement of excellence standards as well as financial management. Besides, being concerned about the people's feedback and satisfaction since they are the core of any healthcare business. We provide effective answers to solve all healthcare facilities challenges.

Maximize Profitability

Efficient tools and features in order to control your abundant data.

Enhance Productivity

Guarantee an ideal performance and goals achievements.

Customer Satisfaction

Through delivering the best care and service for the patients.

Flourish Brand Reputation

Methodical system that serves both the patients and the staff.

Process Excellence

Fulfill the workflow requirements effortlessly through various modules.

Update Frequent Reports

Make forming reports and showing accurate statistics much easier.

Our Solutions

Dot Care Hospital Management System

The best hospital management system is now within your reach through DotCare Software.

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Executive Management System

Designed to help data users of all levels get efficient access to this data effortlessly in no time.

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Queue Management System

No unnecessary queuing or waiting around with our system that keeps traffic flowing steadily.

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Medical PACS System

Store and automatically transmit electronic images and clinically-relevant reports.

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Why Choose Us?

-Because our major concern is excellency on all aspects and keeping your business in a nutshell, organized and well-managed.

-Our strong highly professional team of experts who support complex projects to gain high revenues as well as customer satisfaction.

-We are intensely focused on providing them with the best solutions for their needs because our customers are our partners.

-We provide healthcare facilities with scientific-based processes and methodologies as well as cutting edge technologies.

-Our process is designed to make flexible and adaptive to the change and development of its customers’ requirements.

-The services we offer will maintain and manage your healthcare business besides spotting the problems which may affect the performance.

-Producing user-friendly end products that require minimum human intervention and subsequent training.

-Tailoring local requirements of respective clients in the GULF region without compromising international standards of quality.