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Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS)

Hospitals have become more digitalized aiming for a paperless community to ease their process and workflow. Through our service, we will provide you with the latest solution in medical imaging. PACS stands for picture archiving and communication system which eases the process of storage and transmission of the imaging modalities such as the MRI, X-Rays, or CT. Besides being an utterly secured method to transmit the patient’s information.

All the digital systems are integrated into a functional unit determined by the radiologist's need in order to quickly access all the required information and images regardless where they are stored. The interlinking and functional integration of the digital systems in the hospital determine the clinical benefits of PACS.

PACS demolishes the need to manually file, store, or send important information, films and reports as it reduces the physical and time obstacles associated with the traditional film based image distribution and display. If you applied this system, you will then ensure that the patient's health records are complete, easy to reach, correct, and up-to-date.

PACS Features

Easy Access To Images

Allow physicians to remotely access images, interface with EHRs, and enhance images to ease treatment decisions.

Secure Storage For Data

Once an image has been added onto PACS then it cannot be lost, stolen, or misfiled besides being within reach easily.

Allow Multilocation Viewing

This system makes it easier for any physician to get any image in high quality for any patient anywhere anytime.

Efficient Data Management

Reduce the number of duplicate images since previous results are available electronically, improving data management efficiency.