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Physician Portal Module

Leads to the process excellence, productivity as well as customer satisfaction as it shows off its advantages during the direct interaction between the physician and the patient.

Using the Patient Problems submodule, the physician efficiently records the patient’s diagnoses using ICD10 Codes which makes him has access to the patient’s medical records of the related Episode’s visits and old visits by an extremely user-friendly interface.

The physician can track order execution, reorder, discontinue and print whole orders or just parts of it swiftly.

Provides the physician with a helpful BMI feature that tracks the alterations of patient measures against BMI across visits which comes with intuitive graphs, charts, and a human body graph which reflect any changes. .

The physician can clearly view the details of patient measurements across timeline which are illustrated on BMI chart.

Dot Care Clinical Notes provides the physician with the Macros which helps in saving the notes that are used frequently and makes them easily accessible at any time.

The physician can view and follow-up on patient's status through these notes. A preview summary report of clinical notes in PDF view is available for printing.

With Dot Care Clinical sheets, the physician can exchange medical reports faster and electronically.

In addition to creation of custom dynamic medical sheets according to needs and requirements and so quickly manages medical sheets and assigns it to specific medical stuff.

Captures the patient data from the system and uses it in the clinical sheets which makes the process more productive and efficient with a preview summary report of clinical sheets in PDF view available for printing.