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OutPatient Module

Provides the call center agents with an extensive dashboard to display available Outpatient clinics using Multi-View timeline display for Physicians’ Schedules.

The booking request is either submitted by a patient phone call or a request sent through the web or mobile booking applications.

Handles various visit classifications like appointment based visits of planned schedules and other visits dealing with unplanned Ambulatory medical procedures.

Searches within the appointments list by patient ID, patient name, patient mobile number, clinic tag and clinic instance that will cut down the regular long-serving timing while completing the patient’s registration and financial info.

The payment becomes a straightforward operation that will barely take time through getting the insurers information from the billing engine and adding new insurance cards for the patients.

In addition to uploading attachments with different types and formats like an insurance card, personal identification document, or authorization letter.

Integrates with Dot Care Back office module to manage the accounting and warehouse aspects which will guarantee better cost and inventory control.