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InPatient Module

From the first moment of registration, Dot Care Inpatient Module can manage the services charging within the visits and visit payments through accepting cash, credit card, and direct debit as well as partially or fully refunding.

It also handles visit classification, cash and insured visits as well as insurance approvals besides its integration with finance to get bank accounts, cashier points, and registered payments.

The medical staff has full control over the visit life cycle through charging, payment, performing and refund rules besides managing the physicians’ orders execution and auto discharge with a custom receipt printing that can be easily configured.

Surgery booking, bed management, and handling multiple operating rooms will be managed in a methodical system that serves both the patient and the medical staff.

Sets up pre-weekly/monthly patterns for surgeon’s sessions as well as an automatic accommodation calculation also allows multiple booking appointments for the same time, cancels, edits details scheduling and rescheduling.

Provides any healthcare business with a well-managed billing system with reporting each detail.

Supports prices planning, packages, multi ranges, and conditional pricing, in addition to managing multiple price lists, insurance contracts and cards, claims, co-payments, and taxes.

The staff can view the purchased packages and assign them to the visit in addition to supporting the package consumption in multiple visits with adding a discount for multiple services at a time.

Handles also the multiple insurance approvals, limits on various levels, and suspensions.

Dot Care Bed Management prevents the overcrowding of emergency services and the restriction of beds.

Enables the medical staff to easily view the beds filtered by various categories like hospital structure, classes or gender, a summary of bed statistics, reserve the whole room for a patient and specify whether the patient has companions.

Eases the searching process of certain beds by using the patient’s information, view bed and occupying patient details per bed, as well as blocking and unblocking beds.

Integrates with the Back Office Module in order to get the warehouse and products list with the unit of measures list and search product by scanning barcodes.

Through a user-friendly interface, the nurse lists the admitted patients, views physician orders to dispense medication and consumables in addition to perform procedures.

Due to this integration with Nurse Portal, the nurse can submit complete patient vital signs record, body mass index, clinical notes, and clinical sheets at once.