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Back Office Module

Covers the supply chain and financial requirements through managing the vendors and their price lists and covering the purchase requisitions that can be automated through the warehouse's pre-defined reorder rules.

Manages and groups the items through dynamic categories in a hierarchy view plus auto-generating each item code so it manages the items batch, expiration, and serial number.

Has full control over the warehouse’s operations since it can receive and return from vendors, dispense on a department, resupply or transfer to other warehouses without request.

Calculates the item cost considering bonus and tax as a part of the cost and defines the manufacture items component using bill of material feature.

Creates manufacture order with required Qty, bills of the required material, and calculates the unit cost automatically.

Covers all the accounting aspects through generating any financial statement, reports or viewing entity financial position any time considering un-posted journal entries.

Controls cash points and bank accounts even if the transaction is executed from medical modules thus, the user can define the item related accounts through items category or screen with a dynamic chart of accounts.

The payment transactions are fully integrated with medical modules whether in cash, credit card, direct debits, or employee debits.

Using the perpetual inventory feature, accounting module auto-generates journal entry for any inventory or sales transaction according to the predefined configuration.

Tracks partner financial transactions using partner ledger report as well as using the cost center feature to control the expenses through departments or clinics.